GUNA Biolifting treatment

What is the Guna Biolifting?

Permanently changed the course of history the female ideal. The Venus de Milo to Marilyn Monroe, Shakira to every age had the female figure, which the rest of us would have liked to compare. The difference between the ancient and the modern woman desires desires is only to the 21 century have all possible, although it does not mean that the natural ones.

Botox, liposuction, plastic boobs …

The modern woman is the main weapon against the időmúlásával and the extra pounds with a good plastic surgeon’s calling card in the pocket. How about a solution that is similar to the above treatments, surround it painless, and most importantly NATURAL?

Guna-Biolifting … that of course is beautiful

Natural-dynamised be made Guna Biolifting causing subtle changes in aesthetic dermatology, cosmetic solution. It does not cause alarm, artificial skin changes, resulting in more natural, more gradual improvement. The mechanism of action is not based on the stock between the topping, but the revitalization of cells and the cell clean-up.

During treatment, the specialists in dermatology practice biolifting micro-needle therapy (4 to 13 mm), Dermaroller-rel, the Guna Inc. szabadalmaztatású own technique without the needle gunaphoresis Nations or other treatments without needles efficiently in the face, neck wrinkles reduction , cheek lifting, breast feszesítésére, excess fat and cellulite reduction, treatment of spider veins.

The end result …

Due to the treatment of the skin operation is optimized, it becomes more healthy and invigorate the skin tissue tone improving the appearance of wrinkles smoothed out. The body’s own energy use to start the improvement process, resulting in a long-term impact remains.