Spa Pedicure

  • Why is the treatment of ingrown toenails is important? The essence of the disease to grow under the nail edge körömsánc, they were “rolled up” in front of him. Due to the constant mechanical irritation of the körömsánc overgrow (hypertrophisal), tissue inflammation bag almost inevitably arises. Patients with painful swelling of the mouth wide, venison formation of the exemption from the mouth gennycsorgásról reported. The pain initially occurs only in certain positions in, irritation and inflammation in the onset permanent. Fortunately, the inflammation is almost always confined to the körömszélt, more rarely spread to soft tissues.
  • Arguments not to be ashamed of nail fungus, but do something about it: A fungal nail dull, thickened, letöredezik, below yellowish friable szarumassza accumulates. The widespread infection in many patients significantly reduces the quality of life: heavy gait, discomfort, pain, embarrassment and difficulty buying shoes may be caused by the appearance of nails. The toe nails fungal infection can predispose to secondary bacterial infections, nail distortion and damage to the nail bed. The deformed nail negatively affect the recreational or competitive sports activities. Elderly patients with other existing diseases also bad for the infection, pain, poor condition nails impede the movement, thus worsening the peripheral circulation, paving the way for more serious health problems, complications.

The spa pedicure foot care part of the health posts. Treat problems in the process are removed from ingrown nails, corns, plantar warts and calluses and a fungal nail damage. The foot is almost completely rejuvenated and refreshed result may fall on your symptoms and pain. The treatment includes a refreshing foot massage of 10 minutes.

Why the spa pedicure helpful? Use the special pedicure procedure in which an aesthetic problems szüntethetőek megkeseríthetik everyday life and can be disturbing in your daily life. The spa pedicure is a little more complicated than the aesthetic care pedicure. In treating problems such as körömbenövés, nail fungus removal of corns and foot, plantar warts removal, leather cleaning and treatment in the corner.

The treatment process:

Herbal foot bath, fumigation, inspection, sterile tools to remove excess refining and polishing machine, cream-expression. The 10-minute treatment includes a refreshing foot massage (talpanként 5-5 – min) during the pedicure everyday problems of damaged, deformed, and fungal nails. In addition to a home pedicure pedicure savvy management is very important to prevent this. Because toenails are often closed for months so thick shoes dry and fragmented, nails harden. Older people’s blood supply volatility, and increased risk of diabetes due to the fungus, but by treating with regular pedicure is preventable.