LongTimeLiner makeup tattoo

LONG-TIME-LINER most respected in the world of technology, the finished tattoo will always make clear quality. This unique machine precision, the paint quality and the high level of training of specialists due. A LONG-TIME-LINER device only uses the top layer of skin through specific regulatory automation, which has no nerves, blood vessels, and therefore not associated with bleeding, and over all the makeup tattoo method, the gentlest to the skin. The machine precision control head is a very thin acupuncture needle to move, resulting in paint pigments evenly delivers the skin. This results in a perfectly uniform coloration. Without Festékfoltosodás evenly wear out the leather. A LONG-TIME-LINER antiallergének paint, are on the market for over 15 years, during which no adverse allergic reaction in any case. Hue respect offers the widest palette chosen subdued, natural colors, but stronger, stronger shades as well.
More makeup tattoo machine forgalamzója proclaims himself pain-free, which alone is true. Not entirely painless LONG-TIME-LINER either, but descriptions in the literature, is based on personal experience and all technologies are the most comfortable. Reduction of pain during the tattoo makeup today is – our country is unique – apply an anesthetic dosage which painless, and also for the sensitive guests bearable, barely perceptible makes the makeup tattoo.

16 years of dealing with the LongTimeLiner tattoo makeup techniques learned in Munich and LongTimeLiner “home.”

long-time-liner-image1PERMANENT MAKE-UP
(Tattoo makeup, permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing)

In this simple pen machine tattoo machines.


– Cheaper and more widespread because you do not have to invest the millions makeup tattoo machine

– Faster to make the tattoo makeup, it ended 3-5 to tattoo needles can be faster, but the subsequent correction requires significantly more work.


– The depth of the needle to set the beautician eye, so you can take the toner into the needle nerves, blood vessels roncsolhat. The intake of uneven paint stain color effects, and the fact that certain parts will wear out or even 10 years from now,

– Sufficient precision can not be made due to the contours of the needle lateral sway.

– Use of the dye sminktetováláshoz toxic substances, allergens can also include a color change, pirosassá, become gray.

– The units are sold, the dealers do not require an appropriate level of professional courses (one day have advertised tattoo makeup courses for beginners).

(Long Time Liner – makeup tattoo expert)

A LONG-TIME-LINER company’s trademarked brand name in Germany since 1987. Non-traditional permanent make-up device, but also a unique high-tech precision medical instruments. It detects the force exerted by the harness, and only delivers the epidermis pigments. Due to its precise tűvezérlésének up gentle to the skin. International competitions for permanent makeup is almost constant winner situation and the gentlest method for almost 20 years.


– The uncertainty of the beauty of the machine automation eliminates hand to ensure that the needle is always just the right depth of penetration of the skin. Therefore, virtually pain-free, no harm nerves, blood vessels. The real tempting, mouth painted effect only could be done really well with the makeup of tattoo method

– Used in paints sminktetováláshoz allergens that do not contain toxic substances,

– Even as the ink input, so as the years wear out evenly, does not stain.

– Eyebrow tattoo of the LongTimeLiner only allows for two methods to prepare the makeup tattoo so natural effect of browsing features available.


– As the Long-Time-Liner equipment and its associated high-level courses around. HUF 2 million, and the cost of the necessary tattoo materials (inks, needles) is significant, so it is usually more expensive than traditional makeup tattoos.

Long-Time-Liner tattoo makeup of Demanding:

– Eyebrow tattoo

– Eye Tattoos

– Szájkontúrtetoválás

– Szájsatírozás taken.

I initially started simple pen machinery, and electronic type, then makeup tattooed Goldeneye devices. I used many of the guests chose the Long-Time-Liner tattoo makeup, and also an expert eye for striking was the difference in quality. Therefore, I switched because of the Long-Time-Liner-rel can achieve the perfection you strive for in my work.
How to choose a professional tattoo makeup:

Since the wear on our faces for years, so not only the price of the salon or proximity to the most important aspect. I can easily say this materialistic world, but unfortunately, experience is often that eventually the cost of the more expensive. Before you would choose to inquire by phone or visit in person even more professionals. Be a great help if you could see someone prepared to work and your approval. The most expensive unit could be in someone’s hands, you do not have the necessary expertise to perform quality work, so check it:

– Since it performs makeup tattoo

– Where did you get your degree,

– There are references to

– The device inks were used.

The most perfect, the most beautiful results in a high-end machine and the necessary expertise can be achieved.

I understand that since 2001, the performance of qualifications beautician with makeup tattoos, but despite this, many people are carried out without makeup tattoo beautician education. Which does not necessarily mean that you can not perform quality work, but without the proper anatomical knowledge of the problems that may arise can not be adequately addressed.

In my opinion, during the meeting, and the discussion of ideas necessary for a free personal próbaberajzolás.

In this case, the physician must take into account several factors:

– Guests face shape

– Hair and eye color,

– Alttónusát skin,

– Pigmentezettségét etc..
Make-up Tattoo Durability:

The makeup tattoos are usually adorned our faces, technology, festékminőségtől and subject to personal adottságoktól 2-3 years. A Long Time Liner-up tattoo done gradually fade away and disappear.