Micro-molecular hyaluronic treatment

3_2012041729Molecular Hyaluronic Micro-Powder
Sodium Hyaluronate
8000-50000 (C)

Macro Hyaluronic
High molecular weight of 1.5-2.2 million Daltons.
Hyaluronic media
Average molecular weight of 300-500 thousand Daltons.

Micro Hyaluronic
Micronized molecular weight of 8000-50000 thousand Daltons.

Cosmetic effect:
Firming, water retention, moisturizing, anti-bőregedést, anti-wrinkle, skin ráncmegelőző.
Directions for use: facial rejuvenation treatments,
Electroporation and cold laser treatments (face, neck and decolletage)
For external use only. Place of Origin: Germany