Stem cells are based on the latest technologies Healing:
szervtranszplantációknál play a prominent role in the treatment of leukemia and the treatment of burns.
Cosmetic research labs stem cells to remove all visible signs of aging is used.

How can a plant stem cells human stem cells in a human skin to prolong life, to act as a sort of energy boost it? Simply because all stem cells, regardless of its origin (plant, animal, human) contain specific epigenetic factors. These factors are self-renewal capacity of the cells is maintained. The research showed that stem cells in the aged skin has recovered from the cell-forming ability in plant stem cell treatments.
Recent research has shown that due to the stem cells of human skin can stay young.
Stem cells in the epidermis (the lowest layer of the epidermis) is creating new cells, cells monitor the balance of care as a doctor and heal the damaged cell layers.
Thus, the human embryonic stem cells in kültakarónk correct operation and is responsible for the health.
The aging of skin cell renewal capacity of stem cells in the skin decreases. To correct this problem provides an efficient way of plant stem cell technology.
The PhytoCellTechTM revive human stem cells with age lazy operate properly if the drug content is high.
Current research in stem cells uttvilli későnrügyező apple varieties in the extinct found to be most effective in skin rejuvenation.
During treatment, the effect is visible: slow down the aging process, decrease the depth of wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin.

The treatment:

Cleansing the face after using ultrasound for drug administration, followed by a 20-25 minute relaxing massage that follows. Then, a vitamin-rich, anti-wrinkle, cell rejuvenating mask does, you push a plaster mask mask is.
The treatment is done only materials with a high% of plant stem cells!

The Cost of treatment:  7,000 Ft