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luxury-oriented Japan … “

The Japanese company UMO facial revolutionary management system is now available in Hungary. 
It is based on the Gamma PGA (poly-gamma-glutamic acid), and the combined use of a machine that uses nanotechnology hideggőzölős. Ten times better hydration of Hyaluronic acid, seven times smaller molecular size of the skin jutásnál. The most spectacular part of the treatment of 24-karat gold inserts into the face and massage ends in the skin. Indulgent, exclusive experience incredible success in mature skin. His face is rejuvenated and wrinkles smoothed. A luxury treatment for the first time in Hungary, the Helen of Troy Beauty Salon.

What is the treatment is based on what makes a revolutionary?

The basis of the whole technology of the Gamma PGA (poly-gamma-glutamic acid), which is an entirely natural product originally discovered marine jellyfish, nowadays derived from soybeans. The material is mixed with water to be very favorable properties, thanks to the Japanese company UMO has developed a revolutionary new treatment technique. Gamma PGA moisturizing ten times the capacity of hyaluronic Save, and also much more flexible than collagen. Wet environments are capable of transporting nutrients, so get to the valuable components of the skin’s deepest layers.

How is the treatment? How many treatments are necessary?

Gamma PGA with UMO and using nanotechnology hideggőzölős machine together with the skin to absorb the nutrients produced.When using the UMO Facial Spa System nutrients to get into the skin of the face in the form of seven times smaller than water droplets. Next comes the most visible part of the treatment, putting the 24-carat pure aranylapkák and massage ends in the skin. In the end, also gamma-PGA-based gel cream and make it more smooth down the skin.

To achieve the final result of a series of 4 treatment-resistant “skin innovative program” is necessary. The frequency of treatments recommended 3-4 weeks.

Without gold or gold?

Undoubtedly the most visible part of the treatment of 24-karat gold inserts into the face. The gold in the deep layers of skin does induce beneficial, especially anti-wrinkle effect. All skin types except for sensitive and inflamed skin. 24 carat solid gold mask, gold or without Gamma PGA is available arcmasszkkal guests’ expectations either one of the four treatments was “Skin innovative program” as part of the facial treatment program.

What is the effect?

Because the skin’s deepest layers of talking about the effect immediately visible, long-term estimate of 8-10 months. To access the final result is usually a series of four treatment is needed.

What type of skin used for?

A unique treatment of various skin problems and targeted therapy drugs are. There are four main treatment program is against the wrinkles that were damaged in mature skin, inflamed and sensitive skin, old age spots and sun-damaged skin, and oily and acne-prone skin has been developed.

The UMO facial treatment system offers four different programs:

When solving the problems of mature skin.

Agent for the steam accelerates the regeneration of skin cells, helps prevent cell damage, while moistens the skin and visibly reduces wrinkles. Youthful appearance, firm facial skin magic.

Help for sore, sensitive, acne-prone skin.

Helps restore, soothe and moisten sensitive and damaged skin zinc, chamomile and other nutritious ingredients are a blend of

3 Whitening PROGRAM
Against old age and pigmentation.

Soothes and moisturizes while supplies antioxidant ingredients into the skin, helps restore your sun-induced epithelial injuries and burns, vaporizing the pigment and age spots.

Effective help for oily, acne-prone skin.

Restores damaged skin, soothe inflamed areas, while the anti-infection, anti-bacterial components are removed from inside the bacteria.

Personal experiences

Beauty Box the origin of the Deluxe Magazine tried to associate the treatment of the first of what Helen of Troy Salon owner, Martha Kraupa with a master cosmetologist. Experiences were as follows:

“Once we found out that we are beautiful as Cleopatra, we have started the treatment. The first step in the UMO Facial Spa Gold System, called spoiling the guest occupies the chair in which the right of cleansing and radirozásában receive enough felpezsdítve with the skin, while easing the sanguine hopes and threats.

The next stage consists in the application of Gamma PGA face, immediately followed by the UMO nanotechnology, for the treatment of hideggőzölős machine. The futuristic machinery of the previously placed in nutrients, which are then delivered to the facial surface of the machine as seven times smaller than water droplets, through a long tube. “The Gamma PGA aqueous environment capable of transporting nutrients, so get to the precious ingredients into the skin” – was justified by the hideggőzölős, the machine can be a pleasant way to use a professional.

The most spectacular part of the treatment is followed, when affixed to a touch artistic precision thin, 24-karat pure gold plates in the skin’s surface. Interestingly, the way men and women can not reach any kind of discrimination recommended in the treatment of eyelid and puffiness under the eyes, as opposed to the normal face masks aranyozódnak the other tájékával them together.

Traditional masks most of the usual tension feeling lost, and instead it was a pleasant feeling of warmth on the skin surface, and the orrkörnyéken aranyfoszlányok irritating sneeze. Whatever it was pleasant to lie face overlaid with gold, once more the 24K treatment time is over. In all of the gold tiles bemasszírozásával and subsequently gamma-PGA-based creams and pampering selyemgéllel happened.

The end result was really special. Best kitchen Tongue “telítettként” describe the condition of my skin after treatment, although the texture is a major change was observed. Breathing, softer, smoother one, but the fact that it is generally expected any better cosmetic treatment.

However, it is less usual to five days after the same treatment, enjoy an almost ironed condition of my skin, as if he had just left the salon … “

Photos of the treatment