UMO Hand Management System

Apart from the face of the hand is perhaps best demonstrated by the person’s personality, physical and mental status, living situation, age, traces the life path.

Look at your hand. Come on, look at it!
Well-groomed, soft-skinned knuckles seem immaculate, proportionately tapered fingers, padded, flat palm?
No deep in the trenches, not “pókhálósodik?

You may májfoltokkal dotted, wrinkled dorsal part is in front of your eyes? Parchment-like skin? Very visible blue veins, swollen fingers, bőrkeményedésekkel? Traces of old injuries? Hm?

You see … how everything betrays the hand …
Easily it can tell your age, your health status, your quality of life today, the nehézségeidet – almost scary how much of everything!

A Caring Hand, holding a young point is as important as Arce, though the now highly developed electro cosmetics as neglecting this area … It does not!

Hungary is very, very rare in the appropriate specialist, and tested the technical kézfiatalítás in just … is pleased to announce that we have found and brought to you!

The Helen of Troy Salon and Dr. Mary Kraupa master cosmetologist and naturopath describes UMO Hand Spa Manicure revolutionary system!

Gamma PGA is a highly effective moisturizing formulation, an important breakthrough in the science of skin care! This material (also known as Natto gum, Fito Collagen or Gamma Poly glutamic acid) from the Natto, a more than 1,000-year-old Japanese soybean-based natural nutrient derived.

Gamma PGA is ten times more hydrating than Hyaluronic acid and far more flexible than collagen! Real panacea.

All this they developed a special ultrasound machine that was used at home only incredibly little parlor yet! The UMO Hand Spa massage ultrasonic pulses to nerve endings hand to enhance micro-circulation (ie, the blood flow through the small blood vessels such as capillaries).

Suppose the two together, multiply by 5 times, and results are obtained, which like plastic surgery would have brought it right in your hands!
It is a total treatment time of five series, that this no more, and the result is stable for at least six months in addition to the usual heavy use!

– A reduction in age spots
– Wrinkles are filled
– Hands felt better soft and flexible
– Fiatalodsz glance at least 10-15 years.

Your hand is always up and always blab about you! Rejuvenate at a guaranteed method!