Vel-Gaaf Africa mask

Vel Gaaf a cosmetic brand that uses a significant amount of African medicinal plants in cosmetics. The company claims that a new, active herbal substance was found, which is ahead of its competitors, including natural and man-made materials.

The main product of the brand Afriaki rejuvenating mask, which dramatically reduces the depth of wrinkles, eliminate acne, lightens the pigmnetfoltokat and generally beautified the skin.

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Some customer reviews who have used the services of African Mask Treatment:

“I will say to my experience after the second treatment. Specifically pleasure to meet this specific facial treatment modalities. I never imagined that a natural process – wrinkles, loss of elasticity of the skin – can be influenced by such a spectacular way.
In recent years it has increasingly become conspicuous to a greater or lesser wrinkles formed on my face, my skin is pale,. Vel Gaaf facial treatment is due to a change has occurred for the first time, I noticed the environment. Ranco around the eyes visibly reduced, the skin is softer and become more flexible. The pale skin, dull tone disappeared for several days.
Not only was my skin Taking back the power of life, I relaxed, I was able to turn off the outside world. I think this is clearly the result of the combined raw material used, the method of sympathetic and trustworthy professionals (Bilibók Susan!) Work. Thank you “- Irene

“Wrinkles are visibly softened the rough contours. The skin surface is softer and less zsírosodó. Continuous use, eliminating the fattier area, but it is interesting that the dry areas are gone. The pores are closer together pulling blessing also facilitates re-use. The use of the fragrance is pleasant and it was easy. “- Susan

“After such a” good skin “has not teleltem. I am glad that I took advantage of the treatments right now, so the facial skin could stand the cold weather sufficiently against. Thank you for everything. “- Andrea


Expert evidence:

In my experience, the African mask, which I use on average only once a month use changes have resulted in spectacular 3/4 years.
The African mask the grist PLANT CLOSED LIVE Intelligence not only affects me. Magnetic strength is reflected among guests.
The inevitable kezeléseimből the mask, lay the foundation for success.
For all skin types is unique and effective in treating ANY HELP I turn the mask has never let me down!

  • The wrinkles stretched.
  • The skin fatigue with its characteristic gray color look and feel is terminated.
  • The lift features, liftingeli.
  • The connective tissue is clean and firm.
  • Other cosmetic treatments are effective means of purifying effect.
  • 100% loosens the dead skin stratum corneum (even a cleaning in preparation).
  • A refines pores.
  • The excitement, soothes inflamed skin.
  • The purple, reddish, powdery pink turns rosacea vasodilation.
  • It facilitates the management of teenagers often unpleasant symptoms.
  • The acne constrict the compacted surface, thus removing them easier and leave less residue.
  • This beneficial effect was observed in the case of beauticians not to use, abscessed infiltrates as well.
  • The open sores due to the mask quickly constrict and scab.
  • Experience was fading effect of the pigment spots on What an experience! Already after the first treatment more tolerable contrasting color to the skin.
  • The sebaceous glands normalizes extent that eventually eliminates the need for cleaning.
  • Surgical wounds, helps heal scars of quality.
  • The continuity of the circuit breaker fair skin striae fine a line narrowed.
  • Effect of increasing lip volume of nuisance szájráncok vertical depth decreases.
  • Regular use of recreation takes place in lymph tissue and blood circulation stimulation effect on cell renewal through.
  • After removing the skin smooth, tight, tight.

I love the enthusiasm African masks, 21-in-1 Impact! EXPOSED LIKE TO SUBMIT OR IS in my own skin as a reference!

Thanks to nature’s gift of Africa to ancient cultures and traditions of people in the wonders of renewal rituals shared with us.
Thanks also to the research team, and to all those who submitted to us by people who are in the beauty of the skin, ápoltságának masters.

Every visitor I expect you! “