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1976 beauty professional qualifications in Budapest. 1978-83 to Nuremberg worked as a beautician. I got acquainted with the acupuncture and talpreflexológiával. I learned Dr Med Christine Schrammek herbal mélyhámlasztásos (Green Peel ® Herbal Peeling) treatment, which is without any chemical and synthetic hámlasztóanyag handle only special herbal blend specific skin problems, the most serious effect is large hatásfokkal.Magyarországon I drove into this process and see it since 1992 Dr Med Christine Schrammek Kosmetik Gmbh & Co. Kg company is the sole representative in Hungary. Since then, more than 70 beautician taught me this method nowadays is organizing a weekend courses where you can learn in one day komzetikusok the process, of which receive international diploma. Meanwhile, my master’s exam as well. Started in 1986 and still operating my Helen of Troy Beauty Salon in Wattle Street, Louise Blaha square. In 1989, Stephen was introduced to moxaterápia Hospital, cupping, Chinese medicine, and ear acupuncture treatment processes. Kobler’s new deal with the homeopáriával and bioindikátorral, with the help of example. We can help allergy problems. I learned Mesolift treatment, the laser technique talk, I attended IPL or more courses as well. In 2008, the Japanese cosmetics company UMO Hungary also took on the task representation (www.umohungary.com), which is unique techniques (machines cosmetics) with the Hungarian estheticians, spa and hotel guests alike. A world-class examples of such processes include a facial (Facial Spa System) during a 24-karat pure gold is massaged into the skin. Also new in the world specialized hand care program (Hand Spa System), a special device turns rebuilt in less than an hour to get our hands on. Today is continuously go further vocational training and courses in Hungary and abroad as well. Was carried out as a beautician in health care Semmelweis University
In 2010th. All my knowledge of the harmony of body and soul, the inner and outer beauty serve, I look forward to the questions in person or over the phone. You can also visit our salon offers world-class facilities and treatments and products which will walk away with satisfaction guaranteed! Dr. Martha Kalina Kraupa master cosmetologist, Naturopath Helen of Troy Beauty Salon 1072 Budapest Wattle u. 10th II / 1 Tel. / Fax:. (1) 342-3697 E-mail: kraupamarta@gmail.com

Dr. Med Ch Schrammek Kozmetik Gmbh & Co Kg cosmetics company founded in the early sixties in Essen, Germany. Prof. Dr. Med Ch Scrammek internationally renowned dermatologist who own research and development has developed as a result of decades of work by Scrammek’s cosmetics. The product line of more than forty members saliva.Pumpkin cleaners, day and night creams, wraps, high-impact special cosmetics are all natural with no added ingredients or preservatives, only the most important is the company’s philosophy.

The company has a decisive decade in the German market and the world more than forty countries and is represented in America to Indonesia. The Schrammek’s cosmetics is that some products specifically targeted to individual skin problems.
Developed based on the original method of Dr. Med Ch Schrammek world-class management, Green Peel ® Herbal Peeling, Germany in 2002, won an Academy Award Beauty. Our latest special treatment of newly introduced him to dealers, which will be used soon in Hungary. Világszenzációs products in 2006 with Dermanutrics product line, which for the first six existing bőrproblémáinkra inside and outside at the same time. The capsules and creams also the dry, oily or mature skin can be very efficiently. Try out the Schrammek products or special treatments and we guarantee that you will be pleased with the results!

DR. MED. CH. Schrammek KOSMETIK. 
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